Watch this video for a long format presentation of the course and how it can benefit you:

The Investing Course teaches you how to make better investments on the stock market

  • How to find new stocks
  • how to evaluate them
  • how to rank potential investments how to time your investments
  • how to manage a portfolio of stocks optimally
  • Learn how to value stocks fundamentally
  • and how to use technical analysis and macro analysis for better timing
  • A typical stock is a good buy if it costs less than 15 times its earnings per share Or less than 1 (one) times revenues per share That’s it.
  • It applies to any stock or stock market, more or less, with caveats, then we adjust for the specific case details


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The Investing Course

A 6 Week Online Course in Stock Investing

Learn how to find, analyze, and invest in stocks

Taught by Mikael Syding, who was the managing director and partner at Futuris Asset Management (European Hedge Fund of the Decade 2000-2010)

We are contacting applicants Between 24-31 March.
Apply before April to be guaranteed a spot.

Enrollment between April 1-8 by payment on website. Course starts April 8th.