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What students say about the course:

“Hi, my name is Henrik and I recently completed The Investing Course by Mikael Syding & Ludvig Sunstrom. I learned a lot from this course and found it comprehensive but at the same time well presented. I like how Syding simplifies all of these complex investment concepts. I also found the teachers responsive and I liked the fact that every week there was a lot of practical examples and tasks that really made me understand all these concepts from the bottom up. I can recommend this online course for anyone interested in stocks, equity markets and value investing in general. I will use this knowledge in the future for my private investments and also for my career.”
Henrik Gateman
“I’m René from Germany. I can recommend the course to anyone who isn’t sure whether you should do it or not just because you aren’t a finance professional, or because you don’t think you have time due to being full-time employee. I’m a normal engineer who works full-time and I was able to complete the course during the weekends or after work. So it’s absolutely possible. After the course you will be able to navigate the world of finance and investing. You will have powerful Watchlists with potential stocks to invest in when opportunities present themselves. I’m looking forward for the next years and decades for reaping the benefits of this course.
René Hermanns
❝ The Investing Course at London Business School exceeded my expectations. The content is relevant both for students who want to sharpen their investing skills and those who aspire to work in an equity research role. Mikael covered a wide range of materials, such as finding investing ideas, valuation, risk assessment, and portfolio management. In addition to the presentations, the slides and written materials were packed with valuable concepts. ❞
—Andrianto Guntoro
Equity Research Associate at AB Bernstein
CFA | Candidate for Masters in Finance | London Business School

Also from Pavel:

“The Google Sheets watchlist is absolutely amazing! I am amazed I was actually able to build this as I am a lifelong Excel analphabet. The tutorial was masterfully written and I actually found it easy. This course made me so motivated to invest that I actually feel like studying investing is a hobby to me thanks to it and not a drain, because of how well laid out everything is.”


❝ I had the opportunity to attend The Investing Course when I did my Masters in Finance at LBS. The Course covers investing in stocks from start to finish. I believe attending the course will be beneficial for people with relatively advanced knowledge of investing as well as those of you who are just starting your journey as investors. This is a unique opportunity to gain insight into the investment process of a successful hedge fund manager, engage in the discussions with him and even challenge him. I found Mikael’s sessions engaging and fun and would highly recommend the course to anyone who has an interest in investing. ❞
—Gregory Getia
Senior Director at Georgia Capital
CFA | Candidate for Masters in Finance | London Business School
“Mikael and Ludvig deliver excellent educational material. In addition to The Investing Course, I have also attended other financial courses, such as Technical Analysis and Options Strategies. The Investing Course definitely provides the most value out of the courses I’ve taken. One big benefit is the access to the course teachers and their willingness to provide feedback and share their advice. If you create new courses I’d be interested in joining them as well.”
Andreas Thorsson Aaro
 “I was one of the students of Mikael Syding and Ludvig Sunstrom in The Investing Course. I’m very happy with the course and would take it again. It exceeded my expectations. I have been able to get close to 200% returns on a few investments that I have made over roughly 6 months.”
Oskar Faarkrog

Oskar Faarkrog - Founder - Skinny Fat Transformation | LinkedIn

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